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02 December 2007 @ 10:31 pm
HAHA i spent the whole day since like morning watching the whole new season of beauty and the geek on mtv. XD season finale tuesday!

lol jasmina just pointed out to me that the sam guy on the new season of beauty and the geeks is the bad guy from brink! =P.. XD wow I didn't see that, no wonder he looked somewhat familiar.

02 December 2007 @ 01:08 am
I haven't been able to sleep earlier than 2 AM these past few days...

post college app stress? =( ...worrying that sutpisdklasjdklasjasjkdaslj bio..asdasarhgh

fuck i wish i had talked about dinh's class and bio.. in the addidtional comments. im so stupid.

left it blank cuz i was lazy.. -_- and rushing. ughALSJDLSAKJ dammit
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27 November 2007 @ 02:46 am
today was a good day or i should say yesteday.. even after thanksgiving break. i have a feeling tomorrow is going to be badd..boo.

thats all. hahahhahah =(

COLEGE APPS AHHHHHHHHHH 4 more days! (though im putting the deadline for myself on Wednesday. Thursday at latest). argh lasdjslakjjl scared i wont get into a uc =( =( sighs. or the middle Uc's at least.since my grades are so crappy.

sent in cal poly app today.

yeah i should really sleep now but i didnt prepare for anatomy presentation tomorow. egh =( ..ohwell goodnight. too tired to function.
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21 November 2007 @ 05:18 pm
I'm stupid. I was cutting an apple today with a big knife, and my mom was like "use a smaller knife or your going to cut yourself!" but then I ignored her, and I cut my index finger. so now it hurts like boogers and I can't type because of the stupid fat bandaid on my finger. haha apples remind me of that time i used to call them "alpels" in kindergarten. x] aww i even hav that drawing still somewhere.lol

anyways on another note, I finally got out of the house...sadly it was only to go to the library at washington hospital because i was trying to find a video for the anatomy project but they didn't have any so I ended up borrowing books. but, the library ladies were nice and printed me a lot of papers on parkinson's disease, so I guess thats good. =) then the rest of the day, i went grocery shopping. it was surprisingly not crowded in the grocery stores.

im procrastinating like heck. I still need to write my essay + finish written report + handouts + prepare for presentation. dude the written report is like 6-7 pages already, and i still have yet to include the cures and etc, i dont know if its supposed to be this long. yeah...

im scared. i can't believe college apps are already due next friday. gahhh...im scared i wont get into a uc..aside from santa cruz. =[

i cant stop eating parmesan garlic cheez its! so addicting but its kind of salty alsdkjaskljas =P
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Current Music: no one's gonna love you - band of horses
20 November 2007 @ 10:19 pm
I ate too many rice crackers today. mmmmm yum.

I didn't get anything done except part of my anatomy project.

One essay left. It's so hard expressing myself.

I hate the cold weather, my hands are so numb I can barely type.

I need to exercise! augh I feel fat from eating in front of the computer the whole day.

The tila tequila show is weird and all the people aren't hot, even tila. =P The Hills is getting boring..

Sister is coming home tomorrow. Thanksgiving at my cousin's house Thursday. No turkey. :( What's thanksgiving without a turkey?

Current Mood: coldcold
13 November 2007 @ 03:44 pm
this week sucks. =(

i feel like i'm the only one who didn't start my second personal essay. and a lot of people are already done with their's..and just adding finishing touches to their apps. =(

i have no clue what to write the 1st prompt on and i have to write it by thursday.. and i had valerie and zaneb edit my 1st essay and they told me to change almost thewhole essay. =( booo. so hard..kasldjaklsj dam it! =[

or my tale even. i hate presentations dammit. i always blank out or stutter. lasdjaskljaskldjaskl

-arch presentation tomorrow
-personal essays (appointment fri morning)
-short story revision
-hist test
-physics test

does anyone know if i have to pay an additional fee if i send my sat scores now but find out i got a higher score on the november test and instead want those scores added to it...? ehh.

or if we have to send in transcripts now or until after we get accepted to ucs..? -_- because a lot of people were getting their official transcripts and some people were syaing that they dont need to be delivered until you are accepted to the UC..
Current Mood: stressedstressed
04 November 2007 @ 02:26 pm
I need to stop taking naps..especially after lunch.

i was doing csu apps and I re-added my gpa and it was higher than before because i forgot to add points for 2 semesters of photo and 1 semester of alg2 somehow. Photo does count for gpa right?

Well anyways.. I thought i was screwed but that made a big difference+made my day because now I'm not AS screwed! but I really thought my weighted gpa would be higher than this :/

i cant wait until this month is over even though I also don't want it to be over? im contradicting myself. =(

christmasmasmmamams =)
27 October 2007 @ 09:45 pm
what makes me stand out? good or bad? i was bored and stuck on my personal essay so I imed people to ask them for their inputs on me. comment me yours! =) if u want. i guess hehe

lol i dont think it willl help me much but it was interesting to know =P. and some answers i could tell they searched it. cough -_-

responsesCollapse )
27 October 2007 @ 02:52 pm
hm congrats to my cousin! who gave birth to a boy yesterday! xD I think im going to her house later today. =)

yay! i stayed up until 3 last night and I just finished most of my homework I think. Unless im forgetting something. Still need to redo my personal essay because the one I did over the summer was crap and it only took me 15 min to write. XD and uh pilgrim analysis stuff and finish my reading logs.

-study math II ...-_- have like 200 pages left to read. and review BIO i havent looked at the book in a like almost a month. lol >_<

Still need to start the anatomy project but I don't know how my partner and I are gonna split it up. o-o

I went to the haunted railroad yesterday with Cynthia, glennon, momota, thomas and huy. and the people in front of us got the LAST tickets for the night so we ended up walking to tapex because  momota wanted to enter for the ps3 raffle I think.. and thats about it. haha .. man that was pointless =( but oh well..

Oh yeah the corn maze WAS CRAZYYY overcrowded so I think they had to close it and the police outside werent letting cars come in. lol. im happy i went last week when it was crowded, but still less crowded than it was yesterday. 0-0
25 October 2007 @ 03:37 pm
sat scores came out today..I'm happy I improved...I think. although its not a very good improvement. =(  I was hoping i'd get 50 points more than I got. =( aww. im sad. Taking it a 4th time would be horrible...

I stll need to study for math II.

yay I think the hist test was easy today.. hope i dont jinx myself becuase I thoguht the last test was easy, but i bombed the essay x{

and i thought english would be harder since everyone was like its HELLA HELLA HARD. but i thought it was decent although I screwed up the essay and kept staring at my blank binder paper -_- XD!!


hw time.

the senior shirts look funky on the front. o_o but they are better than last years at least =)

i sorta wish i could do spirit week  but so much stuff to do and no one i know/really talk to is doing it.

lol random but mr brady is funny. xD doing horizontal asymptotes = he used a boxing ring as a metaphor. and compared how coefficients were puny-er than the variables. XD! HAha.. anyways i hate that class. thers only 5 seniors, makes me feel stupid. =[